Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ippokambos, Iraklko, Crete

View to the right, from the seaside terrace

View to the left, 

streetside menu

some bread & Tsatsiki,
never been given so much tsatsiki that we left any before
but we did over-order . . . 
the helpful waiter was urging us
but we didn't need any urging

Cretan Salad -- slightly different from Greek salad,
all to the good . . . 8^D

fried zucchini
no words to express how expertly this was done
or how good it was with tsatsiki,
or with . .. .

eggplant with tomato

feta saganaki . . 
not sure what the crumbly surface was,
but it was good

fresh caught grilled sea-bream
we didn't eat the potatos
no room anyway

kind of a tapioca cake with vanilla ice cream
chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream
fresh pineapple & cheeries
raki wine carafe 

maybe not the best alfresco dining,
due to the cars blasting by, feet away,
on the street that separates the restaurant 
from the seaside terrace . . .
the waiters had to dash between cars with our food
fantastic place
not a discovery, 
we got it from the Lonely Planet guide for Creta

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