Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zelena Zahrada

well, we wasted the whole summer without getting over here to the zahrada to dine outside, and now it was too cold . . . well, there was some couple sitting outside when we got there, apparently so the man could smoke his excellent cubano . . . 8^) . . .  we started with a salad and sort-of sashimi appetizer, thin-sliced scallops and salmon with the best fresh ginger we ever had anywhere.
I had grilled octopos on risotto nero . . . I think there must ought to be a caret over the R to make it more like negro, as in caret-R recky for Greek. . . the octopus was grilled perfectly, not-rubbery at all, charry and briny; the risotto was scrumptious so mellow it was almost sweet and so al dente the texture was almost chewy . . . excellent.
Mrs had her most favorite anywhere, but especially good here, the grilled tuna on grilled vegetables. . . harder to photo well than to enjoy . . .8^)

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