Sunday, September 23, 2012

Der Lowe, Dresden

"The Lions" restaurant, at the end of the beautiful pedestrian zone, heading towards New Town, straight from over the bridge that one comes to after walking straight from the train station down Pragerstrasse.

we sat in the conservatory, and enjoyed our Oktoberfest biers while we waited for the food . . . it comes in .3L, .5L, and 1L sizes.. . . we could not imagine how big a liter mug would be...

my main dish came with a salad. it looked so good, that mrs had to have one too. we asked the waitress what kind of cheese it was, and she struggled with her english, to our surprise . . . so she made a sound: "baa-aaa-aaa": schafskase! Sheeps cheese. . . 8^D . . .

mrs main was sausages with sauerkraut & mashed potatos. We liked the way the little sausages were sliced at the ends and the bratwurst was excellent. The trick for Mrs was gtet all her sausage and sauerkraut while leaving the kartoffeln on the plate 8^)

I had Pikantes Raderberger Bierfliesch, with two kinds of patato patties. They were like what you get at mcdonalds for breakfast hashbrowns, only not greasy . . . and good. . . just to tease the waitress, I asked her what kind of meat was it? then mooed, barked, meowed, baa-ed, and oinked. She laughed at me very charmingly.

this amazing sculpture is by Dresden Artist Peter makolies.

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