Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mo-Mo, Amsterdam

had seen Brewsta's review of Mo-Mo, and one of the bento boxes. . . nuthin' would do but we have all three. wheeeeeee.
I had some excellent horka sake. The miso shiro was excellent, served in a drinking cup, with no spoon.
Sugar had the sushi bento box. . . she was a little disappointed that it was just salmon & tuna, 3 different ways . . . well-done, no doubt, but a tiny bit monotonous.
I had the Spicy bento box . . . calamari tempura with aioli dip, spicy duck rolls and what we ajudged the best, a spicy thai beef salad . . . wonderful.
Mrs had the MoMo bento, with the same duck rolls, spicy scallops, and a whitefish fillet. No complaints . . . 8^D . . .

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