Thursday, November 3, 2011

Konvice, Ceske Krumlov, Moravia, Czech Republic

To start our Moravian Adventure, we stopped off on the way to see Ceske Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We first checked into the Pensione, in Pensione Row, just off the pedestrian zone, then we walked down into the town, we were hungry enough to eat at the first reasonable looking place, but we wound up at the 2nd reasonable looking place, since the first place apparently was already downshifting into winter mode (no tourists). A perfectly acceptable hibernation, to us . . . So we wound up at the Konvice Hotel (the Kettle). Our amiable host endured our pidgin czech with an amused mien, and always spoke to us in English . . . But he seemed pleased we knew what we wanted to order . . . Mrs got a schnitzel with potato salad; I, a pecene kachna steno, with cervene zeli & brambory knidliky. We both had velke pivos. It was all so good, I had to have a sacher torte, too -- we that close to Austria, I didn't see how I could not . . . But apparently we missed a bet there not having one or several of the -nices there: like plum brandy (slivovice), but also others made from berries, apples, etc.

Then we walked the city, toured the castle (no pictures allowed), and the Egon Schiele museum, which was a little disappointing in the small number of paintings on exhibit, and very tame those were . . . Apparently old Egon got run out of more than one town for painting the young girls in the nude (them, not him). . . Was this close ('') to buying a poster, but Mrs is already a little put out with my poster selections lately anyway.  Some of the best are in the Narodni Galerie in Prague.

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