Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cerneho Orla, Telc, Moravia, Czech Republic

Our next stop was Telc. We missed the pre-lunch tour of the castle cuz we walked the wrong way around the castle (the long way), so first we went to have lunch at a place Mrs had found in the guide book . . . Another place on the verge of shutting down for the winter . . . But the amiable young waiter seemed glad to see us, took our pidgeon-czech order with good grace, and disappeared to get our velke pivos. We just beat the rush. 4 Families walked in right after us, with like, 8 kids, so the kitchen was swamped, suddenly, after we got our order in . . . 8^) . . . By the time they got their food we were done and ready to zoom back across the namesit to the castle tour . . . Mrs had tomato salat and I had Cibulka polevka to start . . . Then we both had Hovezi gulas' with kroketti . . . My colleague at work was a little put out (kroketti with GULAS'?) . . . 8^D . . . BUT I like them!

They wouldn't let us take pictures in the castle again, dangit, hardly worth the trip . . . Guide spoke only Czech . . . 8^/ . . .and after a while, all castles start to look the same, if you know what I mean . . . But there was one really remarkable room -- the Armoury Room ? -- where the Renaissance makeover from Gothic was really extreme . . . With a marble floor that looked like an MC Escher . . . For you americans: that means it looks like the floor in the lobby of the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas . . . 8^D . . .

We spent the night at the Golf Club Telc (
. . . Very nice, with a jacuzzi . . . That went down really well, almost as soon as we checked in, after the driving and hiking for 2 days in the cold weather . . . 8^D . . . they have a great indoor swimming pool, spa, and a 2-lane bowling alley, but we just figgered doing anyofthat would throw off our schedule so bad we wouldn't enjoy it . . . I mean, what we want to do is jacuzzi, eat a picnic in our pjs while we watch a movie, and old people that we are, if we have too much fun, there isn't enough time . . . 8^( . . . I wisht there'd been time to jacuzzi after my round of golf, but we hadda hit the road.

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