Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Masala Indian - Prague

 Had some kinda deal from slevovat.cz for a discount -- 10 courses for half price, so had-to-do . . . I had been here  (nad karlovem, not manesova - want to try it too, because the amazing aromas inside made us not want to leave to go to the other) once before and was anxious to get Mrs in for an eval.
 just a little somethin'-somethin' to get started on . . . like a naan with cheese and peppers melted onto it . . . .ummmmm.
 a soup, of some sort . . . Indians invented Muligatawny for the English sahibs since they had none of their own . . . .
 four kinds of chicken bits, I shoulda paid attention
 Ganesha, my personal fave . . . .
 3 vindaloos: chicken tikka, butter chicken, and ummmmm. I forget . . . we liked the butter chicken best, kinda to our surprise . . . 
so a half-litre of mango ice cream for dessert.

You know. We liked the Masala, but we liked the Pind more . . . 
like people say,
The Heart makes its own choices.

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