Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rodos Day 1

Flew to Rhodes. Taxied to our hotel The Tikos Nakos Fashion Hotel . . .

it's not as grand as it sounds, but it was a hoot . . . we were almost the only off-season guests . . . If we stood on our toes and leaned out the window we could see the ocean, and the periodic Cruise Ships berthing.

We enjoyed the cool blue beadroom, and the funky Moorish architecture and Furnishings.

But the capper was the jacuzzi, nothing soothes the anxieties and exhaustions of touristing like a jacuzzi . . . 8^) . . . 

So we turned around 3 times and headed out to lunch . . . the place we had our eye on wasn't open we found til dinner, so our hotelier sent us to a friend of his, the first of many kindnesses he showed us.

We were staying in the heart of Old Town Rodos . . . near by the Palace of the Grand Masters, on the Avenue of the Knights . . . if we hadn't been so hungry we might never had made it thru the tiny ancient streets filled with modern shops . . . so very interesting . . . even if full of tourist crap . . . 
With no cruise ship in harbor, the whole town is practically asleep, but that made them all the gladder to see us, we felt.
 This very fine and not-too-expensive wine is ubiquitous on Rodos, a celebration of the round-number anniversary (2400)

 just when you think you can't be surprised by a Greek Salad, this place added Caper Leaves . . . we love greek salad, but after a week, any little change is special . . . 
 I forget what they called this, we did see it other places, too, it's like a very thick split-pea-soup. and that's ok, we LUV split pea soup, even without Prazke Sunka.
 Another local treat, Simi shrimp. Mrs took the bigger ones and picked off the shells; I took the tiny ones and ate ém whole, excepting the very tail. No problem.
Then some fried calamari. very lightly battered, not rubbery at all, fresh as it could be. SaaaaaaaaWeeeeeeet!

At the end of the meal, the gracious host gave us these liqueurs. We spilt the first one, but he just laughed and brought another.

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