Monday, April 25, 2011

au Pain Quotidien - NYC

so before we headed to the Whitney, we wanted to grab some brekky at the Pain. . . and Natily & the SIL assured us we could get soft-boiled eggs . . . . Natily complained the Pain's website sucked for directions . . . but she was using her mobile in the rain, which may have tainted her opinion when we had to backtrack . . . 
 Mrs & Natily had the spinach quiche ...
SIL & I both had two eggs, but he had smoked salmon while I opted for the Paris Ham . . . I 've gotten so used to Prague Ham, I figgered Paris Ham had to be *some* good, too . . . but no competition . . . Prague ham is still the king. . . . they had giant mike-meyers-in-I-married-an-axe-murder-size Cappucino Grandes and Bio OJ out of a jug that was *almost* as good as fresh-squeezed.

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