Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spago's Leipzig

making a wish on Faust's Foot...
I'll have to do this entry in 2 tries . . . We haven't downloaded Mrs' photos yet.
We went to Dresden & Leipzig for the Xmas Markts. I'm not saying it was worth it, but it was fun and we did have some fine meals.
But I really wanted to go to Auerbacks Keller in Leipzig. Not only is it Michelin Rated, but very old and historical. Goethe was inspired there for a scene in Dr Faustus. Whatever pre-conceptions I had about the celler were blown away: nothing dank or mysterious about it, it's under a very modern upscale mall now. So the steps down look very inviting, very wide and marble. At the top of the stairs are two statues, one of Dr Faustus, where you can rub his foot for luck, and then some action scene from the Play. But the bummer was that both restaurants were booked for private parties. Could not get in.
So we hoofed it over to the Westin, where the Falco is also Michelin Rated, but it was fully booked too. We had gotten spoiled just walking into the Caroussel in Dresden I guess. We did not book.
So, as a last desperate chance, we groped our way in the cold dark streets over to the Radisson, to Spagos. It was almost deserted, but we ate there anyway . . . not tooooo bad. . . 8^D . . .
There must be a fancy name for Goat Fat, but Goat Fat is what the waitress called it ... as an Amuse Bouchee' we found it lacking ... but we keep finding the outer limits of our palate, as with stinky French Cheese of some sort we never did identify ... this one was easy to disdain after a nibble, in the name of dietary prudence.
dam' this blog-software!
not enough Moet-Chandon in the world to wash down goat fat, we didn't try... notice the tiny fountain of bubbles only in the centre of the flute... nice!

Mrs had Pumpkin Soup with Pumpkin Seed Oil.
But I had Foie Gras with Lukewarm Stewed Apple . . . you can look it up in the menu . . . Lukewarm, hmpfh.
Mrs had a Caesar Salad with Chicken for her main . . . is Spago so uncertain of their Caesar that they have to load it up with a whole chicken, or is this Saxony Gluttony in action? Too much. . . made in the kitchen, too, not at the table.

I had Bison in Porto Glace with mushrooms. Again, too much. But I ate it all. Absolutely deliscious in a irresponsibly gluttonous fashion...8^D ... Tender and Lean.
Went for the Penfolds Kalimna Shiraz . .  . can't go wrong with Penfolds ... reminds us of our happy days in the OZ ...
No dessert ... it was all we could do to waddle back to the hotel in the freezing temperature.
The Cob and the Pen

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