Sunday, November 14, 2010

Key West - Louie's Back Yard

Last Day, we & the newly-weds rode around in a golf cart to see places not so easy to walk to . . .Dang, could rent two cars for what they charge for 4 hours, but it's fun . . .
drifted around the island till we got to someplace the kids had heard of and wanted to try and when everyone was hungry. Wound up at Louie's Back Yard. Nice back yard! Right on the ocean. I don't see how they keep up the property in ocean air like that . . . must work on it all the time . . . the inside is very cherry, sorta clubby feeling. Out back is a huge multi-level deck. We ate outside. Very pleasant.

Mrs asked the waitress and took her reco for Oyster Poorboy. One step up in refinement from a classy N'awlins offering . . . not necessarily better, just more pretensious.

Daughter took the soba-noodle salad . . . maybe she was restauranted out too . . . seemed pretty good tho'.
I always wish I had ordered what the new SIL ordered, so we both had Fish Tacos. Good choice, and I didn't spend the whole meal coveting my neighbor's meal . . . 8^) . . .

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