Sunday, February 2, 2014

Resort Miura, Celadna, Silesia, CZ -- Update to Cerny Omnibus

the ultra modern, ultra cool accommodations . . . 

Venison in Miura Menu . . . 
click on it to see the readable version above
or the rest-of-the-menu, below

Venison Carpaccio with pickled chanterelles . . . 

tom kar kai . . . rather authentic . . . one of the many wonderful surprises at Miura

Cerny Mother Figure of Family Group . . . .
czech women really are different from, uh, other girls,
in a sort of european wish-they-all-could-be-californian sort-of-way,
if you see how I mean  ..  ..  

Grilled Wild Boar Chops with prunes & buckwheat rissotto 

simple fried chicken

"Duck breast roasted to perfection with pak choi salad, jasmine rice and sesame dressing with coriander and chilli"

"Pan fried chicken fillet, roasted zucchini with buckwheat, olive oil and pea shoots"

chocolate cake with caramel ice cream

cerny baby "climbing the walls" if you see how I mean . . . 

a basqiat. . . lot of art besides the cerny's . . .  hanging around . . . 

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