Tuesday, October 9, 2012


OOoooOooooh! Mozaika has a french-menu this month!
We fell back on the reliable Muller Thurgau.
I thot this was the Goat Cheese Mousse, but it had pine nuts instead of almonds, and arucula instead of chives? And surrounded by this nummy-nummy red-fruit sauce, and was baked . . .
I had coq au vin sous vide . . . the red wine retains so much of its fruitiness in sous-vide, it's not boiled off like in normal preparations -- I love it, and I love coq au vin, in the first place...
Mrs had the standard menu item Salmon Wrapped in Seaweed on Wasabi potatoes . . . so green with wasabi mrs Doesn't mind them . . . 8^)

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