Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dong Do, Sapa, Prague

Shes So Money had a duck . . . that duck was the best I've sampled in Prague . . . chinese duck, anyway . . . crispy, sweet, pungent . . . the summer rolls were good, but they came with the fish sauce, rather than peanut sauce, which is much more preferable . . .my bun nem was the finest ever . . . those rolls were sbsolutely perfekt, not greasy at all, so savoury I was kinda single-minded in my devouration . . .I did remember to squeeze a "little" orange chilli on 'em . . . I just want the whole package, spring rolls, bbq pork, and grilled shrimp . . . especially when the bbq pork CPT got turned out to be the best I've ever had, so tender, juicy, and spicy . . . Mrs' Pho Ga looked good, but she didn't like the chicken skin suffused in all thru the soup . . .and it wasn't spicy enough, so the final verdict was thumbs-down . . . so we enjoyed it but would love to explore the other places in SAPA . . .some looked kinda grimy, even tho' they smelled wonderful . . .you can spend a serious amount of time browsing and sampling . . . which we'd like to do . . .

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