Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So, Off to Kutna Hora with BigRed at the wheel . . . just a quick afternoon trip . . . we had a date at 5pm for beers by the river back in PRG . . . I'd looked up Kutna Hora Restaurants and come up with Pivnice Dacicky . . . the reviews seemed good, but what made my wheels squeal when we got there was the Alchymistická Menu . . . Alchemy . . . sign me up !

. . . seemed to have a lot of dishes with 24carat gold flakes or wrapped in gold foil, but what I went for, based on the names were the Ignis Innaturalis (Unnatural Fire, perhaps?) I tho't it might be On Fire, but it was like a gazpacho or a watery seafood sauce . . . don't get me wrong: it was delish, but what is up wid dat?

The other thing I had was Kureci Szezky . . . Chicken in creamy gravy . . . (kuřecí plátky, bílé víno, smetana, sekané mandle, cibule, petržel, zázvor, šafrán, pepř) . . . I guess --in the old days -- they had more faith in the power of rare herbs than I do . . . but it was scrumptious . . . their dark beer had an off-taste to me tho', not disagreeable, just not as good as Krushovice or U Flecku . . .

Mrs had simple grilled chicken

Big Red had a trout

after lunch we debated going to the silver mines, but it was later than we could bear, so we just headed off to the church . . . took about 5 minutes to scope it out . . . and our dinner companions at the Casa Blu said the mines were a better visit that the Bone Church, where EVERYbody goes and takes a picture . . . or . . . dozens . . . we were just wondering whether they refurbish ever. . . or do those bones not disintegrate?

Then there was this saint . . .

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