Sunday, August 9, 2009

Josef Capek - Namesti Miru

I had confused Josef with Karel, his brother . . . apparently I am not the first . . . but the reason I am blogging this remains the same, tho' I was confused . . . he is credited by Karel as inventing the term Robot, tho' Karel wrote the play I knew, RUR, which is where the term Robot is first ever used . . .
why he would be honored on the grounds of Namesti Miru -- "Peace Square" in English, I do not know . . . I am not objecting, please understand, I just don't know . . .
but this is now my opportunity to blog an idea I have had long before . . . that there should be a square in Prague called Namesti Nameste', which would combine Hindi & Czech to make: "Peace Square".

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