Saturday, August 4, 2012

Java, Prague

After her extended vacation to the US & Canada, in addition to working in Bonn now, while still living in Prague, our friend was finally back in town . . . her relief to have a weekend in Prague could only be sweetened by assuaging her permanent home-sickness for Malaysia by a meal at Java . . . 8^D . . .
we mostly just let her order . . .  
we hadn't been here in a year, were'nt so impressed with it last time; she said it was still the same, but the ambience seemed upgraded to me . . . white table cloths and soft mellow jazz playing, very comforting . . .
I see that Brewsta had been there in 2011, and his photos look like it does now, so my memory is faulty, I think. But he didn't like it very much. Similar to our first experience . . . I tho't this time was much better.
we ordered an Excellent bottle of Sylvanske Zelenina, even CPT, a very moderate drinker, tho't it was very nice.
I wish I'd taken notes.
They gave us a group of chutneys I will call them for lack of a better name, a chili, a tamarind-like, and a mango-like . . .all three excellent.
Had what I think is Balado Tofu. I just loved this, had so much flavour and texture, over and above just bean curd.
Had what I think is lontong gado-gado . . . the vegetables were still al dente and the sauce was pungent, good enough to me . . . the javanese knidliky are kind of a mind trip for me tho'. . . CPT says they're authentic . . . and we took 'em and dunked 'em into the peanut sauce from the sate . . . that was worth sumthin', SUMTHIN'.
KNOW that we had Nasi Gorent Istimewa, rice with shrimp . . . by the time I'd had enough of this I was scraping orts of rice out of the bottom of the bowl.
the bright red chili dish had two hard-boiled eggs buried under . . . we weren't that wild about the eggs, but CPT was rapt, so we had 'em . . . the chili sauce was wonderful . . . eggs is eggs, within a range of competence, if you know what I mean . . .
we enjoyed the chicken sate' very much . . . I've had a lot of mediocre sate around town, so much that maybe I don't know what good sate is anymore, but thot this was fine . . . some of the chicken bits were a little gristly, but no matter. the peanut sauce was divine, and went well on the javan knidliky . . .
dessert menu is virtually non-existant. no one else in the restaurant when we left, near 9pm on a friday . . . don't know how they can stay in business, but hope they do, we'll go back soon.

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